Lost data?

Losing data accidentally deleting something is a problem many people will encounter in their lifetime. And, its usually never as easy as just restoring it from the recycle bin. This guide will help to give you some ideas on how you could recover lost data.

Use of the drive

When data is deleted, it remains on the drive. But, this is registered by the computer as free space. Space the computer will freely write more data on top of. To minimise the chance of your data being permanently lost, try to stop using the drive. If possible, clone it to a separate drive and use that to recover from it.

Recovering data

There are many programs available through the internet, whether they are free or require a payment. These programs will scan the drive for any ‘hidden’ data, and will retrieve it. Thus making the files accessible again. Programs like Recuva and Zero Assumption Recovery are good examples of free and paid data recovery software that both have good reputations and high success rates.

Not all data loss is like this. Sometimes, you might have a faulty hard drive, or storage unit on your hands. If the drive you are trying to access isn’t registering, or is showing up as blank when you open it, this might be the problem. Most hard drive suffer from damage or failures on the PCB (or chipboard seen on top of the drive) there are many online services that can repair or replace the broken components, all though brave users can tackle this themselves. Other times a simple problem like a cable being removed is the problem, and simply reattaching this can fix it. Sometimes the power cable from the hard drives PCB to the motor can become disconnected. This is a fairly simple procedure and can be easily fixed at home.

Can I fix it myself?

Most physical drive issues involve either the motor, spindles or heads of the hard drive. All of which requires a lab to be opened in. If your loss of data is caused by a mechanical issue, its always best to send it in to a professional.

How can we help you?

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