You wont be able to avoid the Coronavirus AKA COVID-19 on the news at the moment. Due to this global pandemic many clients of ours are asking us if and how they can work from home. The answer for this on the majority is YES! There are many different ways you can be setup to work from home – VPN (Virtal Private Networks) – Windows Remote Desktop – or many 3rd party vendor software providers such as Splashtop – Logmein – Teamviewer. There are different benefits to each of these methods.

Which option is best for my business?

We can advise your business on what method would be most secure and best value for your business. We can also assist in setting this up for you.

How can we help?

Just give us a call! We can offer our services and give you the best plan of action suited to your organisation’s needs.

Call us on the contact number above orjust send us an email ( support@spiderwebsystems.com) outlining what you need help with and we’ll give you some recommendations to suit your needs.