IT Services For

Small Businesses

You’ve got a business plan. Do you have an IT strategy?

When did you last update your IT strategy?

Hopefully it’s something you’ve made changes to over the past 12 months, to take Covid into account.

If you don’t have an IT strategy, or if you haven’t given it much thought over the last year, now is definitely the time to get on with it.

If you use any technology in your business – whether that’s something as simple as a cash register, or it’s a full blown network for 5 locations – a proper IT strategy will be your best friend. It’s the foundation to growing your business. It can mean the difference between surviving a time of uncertainty and thriving through it.

How can we improve your IT?

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    We Provide Constant IT Monitoring & Maintenance

    IT is not a one-off job, Computers and other devices ask you to update them all the time. And that’s because things are constantly changing. We can take care of this for your business.

    You’ll simply never notice its going on. And really, that’s exactly what you want; monitoring and maintenance you don’t even notice.

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    On-Site Health Checks and IT Visits

    Your network and overall system health is very important in keeping your operations running smoothly as well as efficiently. Here at Spiderweb we can organise professional system health checks over a monthly calendar suited to your businesses’ needs. Give us a call for a quote.

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    Massive Cost Savings

    A recent survey found that 78% of small and medium sized businesses reported costs of more than £7,000 for each hour of downtime they suffered. 10% of businesses said that figure was over £36,000.

    Our IT solutions make sure your business stays online and operational.

How do we help small businesses in the UK?

Increased security
Using a proactive IT support partner is like having a bouncer on the door of your business. We make it very difficult for uninvited guests to enter.

Less Downtime
Even 10 minutes downtime can cause chaos as people can’t complete work or contact clients. They can easily lose focus. It’s demotivating and damages your team’s productivity.

Your Budget
While you will already be saving money on downtime and callouts, when your IT support works proactively, you’ll be able to budget better.

We have provided IT Support for over 20 years to large scale corporate companies as well as small family businesses.  Additionally, Spiderweb started out as as a small IT Support business, so trust us when we say that we can help!

If we can help you with anything IT related please contact us at or call us on 01268 781400

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